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Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Remediation in Ventura, CA

Q: What is mold remediation?

A: Mold Remediation the process of removal of mold, mold contaminated materials, and air-borne spors inside a living environment.

Q: Why is mold remediation important?

A: Mold Remediation is important for the safety of your indoor air quality in your home. Especially if you or your family members are allergic, chemically sensitive, or your home is prone to mold.

Q: What will you do for me and my mold issues?

A: Triton Environmental and Restoration, Inc. utilizes a process of containment with negative air filtration and the gross removal of mold contaminated construction materials. All this is done by safely by bagging the mold contaminated materials, containing these materials and removing them in a safe manner. We then abrasively clean the wooden structure of the building. FInally we microbial clean all of the areas inside the containment zone.

Q. Couldn’t I just remove the mold myself?

A: No, due to the fact that you are not trained to control the mold environment.  Triton Environmental and Restoration, Inc. is trained in removing the spores in the air and the mold contaminated materials safely. There is also specialized equipment equipment necessary to remove mold spores to down to acceptable levels.

Q. What health problems can mold cause?

A: Some molds can cause respiratory issues, infection in the lung, disorientation, sever asthma, and more. Do not risk the safety of your home and family, Call 805-223-0296 today for your mold removal needs!

Q: Do offer residential and commercial mold remediation services?

A: Yes, we service both residential and commercial properties.

Q: Do I really need professional clean-up if the fire was small?

A: Yes, because even small fire damage can cause issues with Carbon, soot, as well as the odor. You should not treat this scenario as a DIY opportunity and instead call a professional fire damage restoration company.

Q: What should I do with all the water that was used to put out the fire?

A: Let Triton Environmental and Restoration, Inc. take care of the water and fire damage for you.We can extract the water and contain the area so the water does not seep into unaffected areas of the house. After a fire is extinguished, call for eater extraction service to prevent any further damage.

Q: Can I stay in my home during the fire damage restoration process?

A: In some cases, yes you can remain in the property during the fire damage restoration process. We will advise while on-site and it will depend on the severity of the fire damage.

Q: How long will the restoration process take?

A: The typical timeline for mold remediation or fire damage restoration is 3-14 days. Of course, it does depend on the severity of the damage and the size of the property.

Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?

A: Triton Environmental and Restoration, Inc. uses more advanced technologies that help speed up the treatment process. Call today for your mold remediation needs!

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