"We had a roof leak which damaged a wall in our dining room. We invited three companies to propose and selected Triton because their contract was the most thorough, professional and reasonable. On the scheduled day a team from Triton showed up promptly. They were quiet, clean and efficient. In a few hours they had moved and covered furniture and constructed a containment “room” around the mold site. Wearing protective suits they then cut away wallboard and treated the affected areas. Additional remediation work was needed so Triton returned immediately and completed that work within the contract. We subsequently received an “all clear” test on the mold. Triton was at all times very responsive. They always showed up on time and completed their work efficiently. My wife and I are very pleased with their work and would highly recommend Triton."

09/01/2017 – Gerald Brusseau

What we do...

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  • Property Mold Assements

  • Sanitation of Structures, Contents, and Fixtures

  • Containment Systems Implemantation

  • Removal of Contaminated Materials

  • HEPA Negative Air Filtration and Structural HEPA Vacuuming

  • Independent Clearance Testing


  • You see mold or smell a musty odor

  • You have had/are having any type of leakage or water damage in your structure

  • You have water staining on the walls or ceiling

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